Emmett Art Collection


Angel, Aphrodite, Avatar, Avem, Azul, Bat, Blanc, Bluebird Series, Breezy Series, Brun, Brush, Celestial, Celestial 2, Christmas, Christmas 2, City of Dreams, Coalescence, Convergence, Dead Party, December Series, Desert, Devotion, Dream Castle, Eldorado, Elven Forest, Emprendedor, Emprendedor 2, Emprendedor 3, Enlightenment Series, Evergreen, Faith, Fantasy I, Fantasy II, Fantasy III, Fantasy IV, Four Seasons, Frosty Dawn, Ghost, Glorious, Grace, Haunted, Haunted 2, Hell Freezes, Hereafter, Holy Bible, Iapetus, Immortal and Divine, Journey, Joy, Judgment Day, July 4, Krishna, Last Days, Leaf, Luminescence, Lux, Majestic Series, Morbid Series, Mystery, Nature, Neo-Plasticism, Nevermore, New York, Nirvana, Noel, Of Antiquity, Of Heaven, Of Peril, Of the Tragic Son, Of the Virtuous, On the Hill, Oxford Series, Paradise, Peace, Pegasi, Perilous Realm, Pinehurst, Pompeii, Power, Premier Collection, Prius, Quicken, Raven, Red Planet, Restoration, Return to Iapetus, Return to Z, Salvation Series, Samurai, Secret Valley, Shadows and Dust, Smoke, Specter, Spring, Stone and Light, Storms in Antiquity, Surrender, Teres, the Magician, the Noble Path, the Ominous Storm, the Prized Jewels, the Third Age, the Wizard, Truth, Tuscany, Undying, White Pegasus, Wind Series, Wisdom, Yule, Z, Z 2, Z 3, Z 4, Z 5, Zeitgeist, Zelda, Zen


Soft rays of light shine ~ upon the subtle country ~ blending with heaven

Conjured, Artist John Emmett
Neehree has conjured ~ storms to trouble the fair and ~ innocent country

Elf Lady, Artist John Emmett
Elf Lady
Bathing in elven ~ water she feels the wind from ~ a sapphire sky

Gardens of the Realm, Artist John Emmett
Gardens of the Realm
A sanctuary ~ of birch and gardens of the ~ grassy path in light

Grey Shores, Artist John Emmett
Grey Shores
Innocent waters ~ wash on the shores of the earth ~ touching virgin sand

Mage, Artist John Emmett
Wizards may travel ~ all the roads unnatural ~ in the pale moonlight

Mythical Island, Artist John Emmett
Mythical Island
I was young and the world was young, Near the isle of the angels

Spring King, Artist John Emmett
Spring King
Trees sway in wind as ~ reflected in the loch by ~ golden elven gates

Art and poetry by John Emmett