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Of Turin
Turin was a Man of the First Age of Middle-earth, whose family had been cursed -From Wikipedia

Beleg Cuthalion
Beleg's name means "great" or "mighty" in Sindarin. -From Wikipedia

She was very beautiful, a high princess of the Noldor and niece of Galadriel. -From Wikipedia

Glaurung was a very powerful dragon, if not the most magical. He was bred by Morgoth from some unknown stock -From Wikipedia

Hurin was fair of face and golden-haired, strong in body and fiery of mood. -Tolkien

Morwen was dark-haired and tall but she was somewhat stern of mood and proud. -Tolkien

Nienor Niniel
Nienor was tall, and her eyes were blue, her hair fine gold, the very likeness in woman's form of Hurin her father. -Tolkien

Turin Turambar
Turin was a Man of the First Age of Middle-earth, whose family had been cursed -From Wikipedia

Art by John WR Emmett