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“Beautiful is for art a profound quality. Philosophy is the profound, as it influences art. And beauty is the best influence of philosophy…” … “I have a need/drive to communicate, that's why I became an artist.” … “Looking at art, you're looking at the result of a philosophy.” … “Aesthetics is my only concern.” … “Realism is prose; prose is fallen poetry. Abstraction is poetry; poetry is fallen music.” … “Abstraction is a remedy for reality. A remedy for, rather than escape from.” … “Art is serious: Careful in thought, full of concern, or restrained and dignified in manner.” … “Abstract means you're looking at something, stripped of its outer appearance.” … “Difficult things appear easy. Great art seems artless.” … “There are influences on the outcome of abstraction, and I think spirituality is the most influential.” … “Realism and abstract aren't movements, they're simply the possibilities of art.” … “For me poetry is about the heart.” … “I use subjects worthy of art, I try to paint the soul. Soul is: the truth of the subject.” … “Maybe the only issue is appreciation. If you appreciate: there's no criticism.” … “Art isn't merely from learning and developing art. Art is from what you've learned and developed about yourself.” … “Art is in service to something, higher or lower, inevitably.” … “Art is a term of respect for beauty, really. Is the artist respecting beauty?” … “We need beauty, because beauty is sanity.” … “An artist has to constantly reassert art.”