Emmett Art Collection


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Fantasy Collection II

In the early mist ~ the trees disappear whereas ~ we hear the elves laugh

I - Elven Glade
Nestled in the glade ~ in the forest primeval ~ mostly dark at dawn

II - Caverns
In the mountain hides ~ the singing mines and tinkling ~ caverns lit by cheer

III - Enchanted Forest
A purple mist is ~ approaching the hills and trees ~ so we may be lost

IV - Princess of the Elves
Among the aspen ~ she dances in the open ~ in the winter wind

IX - White Magic
A ray of rainbow ~ rises from a bare meadow ~ as I journey home

V - Kahlan
In Ireland Kahlan means "strong leader"

VI - Kahlan
In England Kahlan means "Beauty"

VII - Kahlan
In England Kahlan means "Beauty"

VIII - Medieval
Art inspired by George RR Martin's work

X - Medieval

XI - Medieval

XII - Medieval

XIII - Magic
Art inspired by JK Rowling's work

XIV - Magic

XV - Magic

XVI - Magic

Art and poetry by John Emmett