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The Third Age
Of Middle-earth

Elrond was Lord of Rivendell, one of the mighty rulers of old that remained in Middle-earth in its Third Age. -From Wikipedia

Gildor Inglorion
Gildor Inglorion was an elf of very high lineage, cousin to Elrond and Galadriel. -From Wikipedia

Rivendell is the Englished version of the Westron name Karningul (itself a translation of Imladris). The name Imladris is also glossed as "Canyon of the Cleft" -From Wikipedia

Gandalf the Grey was the last of the Istari landing in the Havens of Mithlond. -From Wikipedia

Lady Galadriel
She was one of the leaders in the rebellion of the Noldor and their flight from Valinor during the First Age -From Wikipedia

Of Middle-earth
Middle-earth is the central continent of Earth (Arda) in an imaginary period of the Earth's past -From Wikipedia

Of Middle-earth 2
Middle-earth is the central continent of Earth (Arda) in an imaginary period of the Earth's past -From Wikipedia

Art by John WR Emmett